10 Modern Trends Ajax CSS Forms , Tips and Techniques

Form is an important element in a website.The recent developments in web 2.0 scenario and the growing quantity of web apps has even make it more important. The most important point in building a form is the usability fact. Form should be easy to understand so that visitors can enter values into the form correctly without getting confused.

 In this article we will explain the various techniques, tutorials, examples relating to the modern trends in building web forms to enhance the user experience.

Form Validation Techniques

when users enter values into the form, as the owner of the site must ensure that the value in accordance with the insert is expected, provide information on visitors to the validation before they are sent to the owner of the site

1. Live Validation

Live Validation is a small open source JavaScript library built for giving users real-time validation information as they fill out forms.

2. fValidator

fValidator is an open source (free) unobtrusive JavaScript tool for easy handling form validation.

3. Validation With Prototype

The basic method is to attach to the form’s onsubmit event, read out all the form elements’ classes and perform validation if required. If a field fails validation, reveal field validation advice and prevent the form from submitting.

4. Ajax form validation

This is Ajax form Validation, you can learning how to use AJAX to process and validate your forms.

5. jQuery inline form validation

6. sForm – Ajax Form Validation

This validation form is a real-time feedback to users, when they fill out the form, they will know what happened to see the color will appear. Fields that have not been properly will appear red and after validation is going to be green. This will facilitate the user when filling out the form

AJAX/CSS Forms Tutorials

7. How to make a password strength meter for your registration form

This tutorial will teach you how to make a password strength meter


With AJAX the browser page is not reloading, but the data is just sent to the server for processing. The server saves the data or calculates something and sends back the answer. The AJAX JavaScript either displays the answer (page) or does some action depending on the answer

9. Style Web Forms Using CSS

In this article you will look at step by step how you can use CSS to create attractive and usable forms.

10. Styling File Inputs With CSS And The Dom

This tutorial will explain stylish file upload inputs via clever use of js and css. This is great tutorial form Shaun Inman.

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